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hey so what’s up with that game fought night Clash Royale I mean I see a hole on a battling but not so many royals that joke took me eight hours to write now fart night has a lot of weird and wonderful things to explore but a very cool thing about this game is that when you win you get to fly around on anumbrella just like the dinkster somebody ring the Dinkster now a lot of people may accuse for fart night of being a clone of pub G but this is actually not the case the game is actually inspired by Babe 2: pig in the city something most plays might overlook is all of the religious imagery used in the game such as this triangular shape with a house in the middle what could this mean could it be a hidden Illuminati symbol in the game fart night is Illuminati confirmed or this truck monster that exists for some reason maybe it’s a reference to our Lord and Savior Michael Bay’s amazing film: Pearl Harbor or maybe this Oh God and of course these bears I found on the map that I really wanted toshoot in the face now one little nitpick I have about the game is that when youget lost in the stor.

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Everything is loud and confusing and it just causes me t olay down and cry and question existence and I don’t know where I amI get really afraid and I don’t know what I’m doing then I take some vitamins everything is a-ok another small nitpick I have about the game is a few aspects were a bit unrealistic such as the shotguns in thegame what are they crazy shotguns don’t exist in the real world what arethese guys high or something and another unrealistic element in the game is thatyou can escape dying by winning the game and getting one of them victory Royales but in real life death is inescapable while writing the script I came up with a few funny puns about the game but I didn’t know where to putthem so I’m just gonna save them now in a list number one felted towers numbertwo salty malty sings number three Pleasant fart number four the moon landing was a hoax number fives nobby snores number six feeble schmeeble (extra pleeble) a little annoying thing that happens is when i play the game this part of my control comes off but i guess that’s what i get for playing so much peggle so this was my review of fortnight battleroyale and overall i think the game is a terrible piece of eskimo propaganda thats hould have never existed in the first place and I’m pretty sure it has caused me to catch the bubonic plague but I think I’m going to rate this game nine out of ten Michael Bay’s but I do wish there was more lasagna in the game do you have any opinions on the game that I didn’t express in this video then leave them down in the comments below so I can ignore them and if you call me fat I will be prepared to argue with you for days until I give up also pub G is better.