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These video games new releases can be really, really, really time-consuming. You start playing and when you look at your watch, four hours had passed. The sphere of the video game has many games. RPG games, shooting games, simulation, hack n slash, die and retry, all for the sole purpose of pleasing their audience and make you spend a pleasant moment. Only, some of these securities may be so good that players will sometimes spend over 100 hours on it, everything, without getting bored. These games are quite many, therefore a selection had to be made. Without further ado, here are the top 15 games that can be played over 100 hours without getting bored.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Released initially in 2011 and then in a remastered version this year, The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim is part of the games with one of the largest communities of modders. To do well, it is necessary for each to exceed the hundred hours of game play to achieve enough to explore the world of Skyrim to get an idea of the magnitude of the saga. As one who has never spent the night on Skyrim I cast the first stone. Not too strong please.


Civilization VI

The world is at your feet only, you’re not the only one to covet. Indeed, other civilizations are here to take the lead. You walk your brain and take over your opponents. With its turn-based, Civilization VI will not have any trouble to keep you alert, day after day, for a moment, you can finally finish your game. Will you manage to resist Rome and his irresistible urge for blood ?


Ark Survival Evolved

Merger between Robinson Crusoe and Jurassic World, Ark Survival Evolved places you in a world populated by dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. The best video game tip is (drumroll): to survive. Once done, it will take you to build a small base and evolve technologically. Then you can tame those who were seeking to eat you a few hours early and use them as you see fit. You have to confront you alone or to several terrestrial wildlife and marine people of the Ark.

The Witcher 3

Has the back of a horse or on foot, The Witcher 3 , you will certainly still have a few hours the next time you daignerez start the game. Between the quests, contracts for the witcher and Gwent, you have a job before that good old Geralt can afford to ask its RTT. You bring out the swords and you load of magic to make them fall a few heads. On this, I have a part of Gwent who waits for me me.


Divinity: Original Sin

Certainly one of the games least well-known of this top, Divinity: Original Sin has enough to keep you playing many hours. RPG scenario concrete, you can start your party the way you want and there, the freedom is total. As for spells, your allies or even your epic, you are the only master of your destiny. The result of the first phase of which is currently in Early Access on Steam, something to expand your game library if this is not already done.

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Tired of winning ? Tired of the games easy ? Well, RimWorld will come to you to pose a problem as ever. You create your colony and you must survive the time to build your spaceship to leave this planet. Of course, random events will come to put you to trouble, and theto where RimWorld is surprising, it is in its artificial intelligence. Of alcoholism in the nudism going through marital discord, your settlers will do everything, except work.



One of the sagas most iconic Pokémon, you will certainly more than one hundred hours per version. Sun and Moon, the latest published are no exception to the rule. Send to defeat the Pokémon League, building up its team and face the world with a simple Nintendo 3DS. Anyway, get the nature and stats perfect on each of your Pokémon and then reach the top of the Combat Tree you will occupy several hundreds of hours. And if that’s not enough for you, there is still shiny.